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Our Team

Everyone in the Reify community is dedicated to the same purpose: creating interactive learning experiences that move people. A core team of facilitators and designers is supported by artists based in locations all around the world. Collectively, they bring years of experience to each delivery and make it possible for us to pull together a bespoke team that will reflect the backgrounds of your core audience.

Meet the Team
Christian Felix

Christian Felix, CEO and Founder of REIFY, is an 18+ year experienced executive and leadership development practitioner who specializes in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. He has worked globally in Media, Legal, Finance, Technology, Manufacturing, Big Pharma, Advertising, Professional sports leagues, and prestigious business schools. 


Utilizing experiential learning and specializing in implicit bias, Christian conducts crucial conversations on various topics such as race, ethnicity, gender, language, culture, LGBTQ+, socio-economic inequity, mental health, and neurodiversity. He also recently completed the DEIA Executive Certificate from Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership. 


Christian is dedicated to improving workplace cultures, supporting company values, and promoting inclusion through his research, content design, and program facilitation. He holds a BA in English and Theater from Dartmouth College and currently resides in New York City, originally from Chicago.

Jeff Pagliano

Jeff Pagliano is Reify’s Lead Designer and Senior Facilitator. Over the past 15 years, he has designed and facilitated interactive learning experiences in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for teams in financial services, technology, consumer products, advertising, academia and law in London, New York, Dubai, Tokyo, Dublin, Singapore, and Mumbai among others.


Jeff will work with you to develop content that advances your DEIA goals. From Reify’s robust discovery period through to a successful delivery, he cultivates an atmosphere of trust and respect, engaging key stakeholders and audiences on an impactful DEIA journey. With extensive experience creating content across platforms such as immersive theater and filmed media, Jeff knows how to build transformational learning solutions that fit your organization’s culture and that will drive lasting change.

Amber Headshot - Reify.png
Amber Williamson

Amber Williamson (she/her) is a Designer and Engagement Director with Reify, specializing in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. With nearly a decade of global experience in human rights activism, education, and professional development, Amber has worked with educational institutions, UN-affiliated non-profits, and the tech sector. She focuses on advancing equitable opportunities in academic and corporate settings, using modern pedagogy, research, and strategic support to help organizations align with their values and cultivate inclusive cultures. 


Amber has facilitated discussions on gender, culture, LGBTQAI+, race, socio-economic inequity, neurodiversity, disability, and immigration. She holds a DEIA Executive Certificate from Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership, a BA in Conflict Resolution from Manhattan College, and an MA in Education from The New School, specializing in gender and racial theory. Having lived in various locations around the world, including the stolen lands of the Susquehannock and the Piscataway Tribes (Maryland), Lenape Tribe (New York), Madrid (Spain), NongPhai (Thailand), Guaraní People (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Tonkawa and the Comanche Tribes (Texas), and currently Mayan People (Merida, Mexico) with her life partner, Amber brings a transcontinental perspective to her work.

The REIFY Network

REIFY's diverse constellation of creative professionals share a background in performing arts and are well versed in both developing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion best practices and using the principles and methodology of performance to educate and inspire. In addition to their REIFY roles as Designers, Facilitators, Coaches, Actors and Producers, members of the REIFY team also have active careers in Theater, Television, Film and other entrepreneurial spaces.

REIFY is Global

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