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Communication Coaching

Utilizing various public speaking techniques, communication frameworks and performance training, REIFY coaches will give you the tools you need to speak clearly and authentically about DEI. For the well-intentioned leader who would like to develop more confidence and competence when addressing these issues, REIFY coaches create a safe and respectful space, to explore finding your voice in the current landscape of DEI.  And we don’t just teach these issues, we help you bring them to life by crafting and sharing your DEI stories. We’ll work with you to find what is unique about you and figure out ways you can leverage your story to advance your DEI strategy.

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1 :1 Coaching sessions

REIFY 1:1 Coaching Sessions are designed to develop effective communication techniques when addressing topics related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We introduce a repeatable process of translating personal experience into a library of authentic and compelling stories that deepen a connection between speaker and audience. Leaders have the space to practice, in an intimate environment, speaking with clarity and authenticity.

Group Coaching sessions

REIFY Group Coaching Sessions have similar objectives as the 1:1 Coaching Sessions and cover much of the same material. The main distinction in the design of these sessions, is an emphasis on peer coaching and leveraging other leaders for one’s own continued development

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