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Live Case Study

Utilizing a blend of social science theories and interactive theater methodology, REIFY’s Live Case study is the most immersive and experiential learning experience we offer. Participants deepen their understanding of core DEI topics and their role in advancing inclusion within their organization. Leaders get the chance to practice engaging team members in a respectful yet provocative learning atmosphere. Our goal is to demonstrate ways of creating access to success and driving a culture of inclusion that ensures attraction and retention of talent from an array of diverse backgrounds.

Team Meeting
How does it work?

While it can take different forms, all REIFY projects begin with a discovery process where we gather information to determine the most effective solution and to ensure REIFY has a deep understanding of the business context, the current DEI strategy, and any additional DEI opportunities.

Design & Development

REIFY relies heavily on collaboration with our clients every step of the way. Our process continually allows clients to weigh in and have a say in the direction and development of the project.


Every REIFY delivery is experiential and interactive. Preparation is key in order to optimize the learning environment whether that be in person, virtual, or hybrid. REIFY employs a spectrum of engagement techniques to ensure high impact learning experiences.

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