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When it comes to DEI, there’s no one size fits all. Each solution needs to be right for your environment. Building on over 18 years of experience across industries and around the world, the Reify team leverages social science theory and performance methodology to build highly immersive experiential DEI learning.


REIFY initiates and guides a collaborative process with clients to curate and develop tailored solutions to foster greater understanding and deeper connections between people, strengthening the culture and the social/emotional health of an organization through the process.

Our Mission
Helping leaders see what’s possible in each other

Recognizing each other in the context of our differences is a powerful way to unlock the potential within individuals, enabling the appreciation of unique strengths and talents. However, this can be challenging due to our brain's inclination for familiarity and societal biases. Bridging these gaps and creating an inclusive, diverse, and supportive environment is a critical skill for leaders looking to foster collaborative prowess and sustain competitiveness.


Here are some examples of the unique solutions the Reify team developed to support the specific Diversity, Equity and Inclusions strategies of our clients.

Designed and developed an advanced DEI curriculum cohort program.

Developed an Assessment and Evaluation Strategy for a Continuous Learning Community Initiative.

Converted a 1:1 Coaching session into a 1:1 Many workshop experience.

Advanced a gender equity strategy by providing consultative support.

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