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Helping Leaders See What's Possible In Each Other 

Making                      Real

What We Do

Welcome to REIFY

Re-i-fy  | ˈrēəˌfī |  -  to make something abstract real. 

REIFY is an Experiential Learning and Leadership Development Firm. We offer a suite of highly customizable solutions that advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals across industries and around the world. Whether your organization is in the private or public sector, academia or law, the REIFY team will work with you to develop DEI strategies and experiential learning that will make change real.

Image by Clay Banks

What We Do

Our Approach

Optimizing how leaders recognize talent and support growth within their organizations.


What REIFY Clients Are Saying!

Thank you Christian for creating such a safe space and facilitating such a great conversation among the Ross community. We had a high level of engagement and vulnerability expressed during the call, all in large credit to you. The session and our prep calls gave me, personally, lots of opportunities for reflection and learning. (Also "Zoom Cocoon" is my new favorite phrase so thank you for that too!)

Annie Z.

REIFY is Global

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